Fred relaxing at the FHG... In the not too distant past along the bank of a Louisiana bayou lived a frog who liked to call himself Fred. In his early years, Fred’s day went much the same way each and every day: relaxing by the water’s edge, enjoying the outdoors (perhaps a swim if feeling especially Froggy), evening socials (sometimes croaking till the wee hours of the morning), and feasting on an endless supply of pesky insects that just so happened to taste absolutely delicious (he IS a frog, afterall!).

As he aged, Fred began to ponder the meaning of his life and very purpose of his existence. Let it be noted (as it is crucial to this story) that Fred soon found himself unhappy & discontent with the life he seemed destined to lead. Despite being constantly surrounded by great food & friends, he felt ashamed of being nothing more than a meager frog. Finally unable to take the anguish any longer, Fred decided to break from froggy tradition and travel the world in search of a life with meaning and purpose.

Fred, like most frogs, was a patient fellow. No delusions of grandeur plagued this little amphibian. He knew his quest was not an easy one—his quest would be long, and at times even treacherous. Fred’s travels took him the world over. He toured all the great continents (and even a few of the not-so-great) and met people (and frogs) of every size, shape, and color. Despite his efforts and energies spent, Fred found nary a friend, colleague, or random traveler who could answer his most pressing of questions: “What does it mean to have a life of purpose?”

After seven long years of his adventure, Fred seemed no further along than when he started. And despite his persistence, his fortitude and constancy of purpose were beginning to wane. Dare I say that it had gotten so bad that Fred the Frog was contemplating abandoning his goal? When suddenly (and quite unexpectedly) Fred had the realization he had spent so long searching for. People the world over, regardless of race, culture, class, or means had one thing in common: The pure and utter pleasure brought by great food & friends!

Reflecting on what he had previously thought to be his inadequate beginnings, Fred discovered for himself a new perspective: A Frog’s Life, (filled with great food, great friends, & fun) embodied the very life of purpose he had longed for! Now with direction & focus, Fred set out to share his thoughts with others.

Wanting to do more than spread his insights, Fred also wanted to provide both a means through which others could experience the pleasures and a name by which to call those who shared his outlook. Since his life served as the example by which he lived, he could find no better name than FrogHead [a distant cousin to the Parrothead] and no better place for friends & family to come together for great food & fun than The FrogHead Grill! No membership fees would be paid, nor any debt would be owed as its doors would be open to all who want to “answer “Yes!” when asked:

“Feeling Froggy?”

--Fred the Frog