Our Franchise

The FrogHead Family

Our franchisees and their staff are part of our family, all of which starts with understanding and being a part of our culture. We are all FrogHeads.


Friendly- Our demeanor defines us  

Reliable- Our actions match our words

Optimistic- Our positive outlook leads to positive outcomes

Gracious- In our interactions with guests & co-workers alike

Honest-Both with others and ourselves

Excited-About life, great food, and fellowship with others

Awesome-in everything we do!

Dedicated-to our guests & our community


Know it! Live it! RIBBIT!


Marketing Programs

Our social media and in store promotions keep the FrogHead Grill at the forefront of our guest’s minds when considering where the to go for lunch and dinner. We have also developed programs to increase sales in the traditional slow times, with our daily specials and kid’s meal promotions all while creating memorable interactions with FrogHead Fred.


Operational Systems

Our training program will walk you through all that is required to own and operate your restaurant. With three weeks of pre-opening training in our corporate location in the Clinton, MS, as well as a team to support you during your first week of opening on-site, we will be there to make sure that your staff fully understands all that is involved in running your FrogHead Grill franchise.


Site Selection and Construction

We guide you every step of the way in selecting and negotiating the best lease in the best location. Designing and building out your location is made easier with our team that assists you in creating the fun and exciting atmosphere that makes FrogHead Grill unique.