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The Legend Continues…

Ten years after he began his journeys Fred reflected on how far he’d come.  It seemed as if only yesterday he set himself on his expedition of discovery which set him on a path that, regardless of any detour, obstacle, or prosperity, had led him to exactly the spot where he now stood.

With the opening of The FrogHead Grill three years ago, Fred has seen his insights into life and happiness influence so many individuals.  Guests of all walks of life have graced him with their company, shared their stories, and enjoyed in the things that Fred considered so dear: the pure and utter pleasure brought great food & friends.

Yet despite his accomplishments, Fred still found himself, dare I say, feeling alone?  “How could this be?” He pondered.  His days were filled with the company of so many wonderful people and he was blessed to share in so many happy moments.  But there still seemed to be a certain something missing, an emptiness that had yet to be filled.

By mere coincidence, just as Fred was contemplating his discontent, the most striking frog he’d ever seen hopped into sight! Who could this be, this splendor of beauty, who looked somehow so familiar…?   Could this be Lily, his childhood sweetheart from so long ago?  He reminisced about the days they had spent together way back when (things were a bit simpler in those days it seemed). She & he, without a care in the world, hopping from lily pad to lily pad, from dawn till dusk (don’t forget about the delicious insects—they ARE frogs, ya know!)

Alas, their romance had been short lived.  Fred’s inner self had already beckoned him to his now famous journey, and he had felt obliged to listen.  He remembered how she’d asked him not to go, and how he had politely declined.  How could one compare a search for a life of purpose to a selfish romance?   Never had he admitted until just now (not even to himself) that it had been his thoughts of her that had been his inspiration throughout his fateful expedition.   Is there a chance? Could there be hope?  Even after all this time, would she remember how happy they had been? Unfortunately, the years had causeed Lily’s patience to wane and Fred’s words fell on deaf ears (Yep, Frogs do have ears!).  Never had Fred felt such regret, and longed for the chance to prove himself to Lily once again.

Fred found himself again driven by a purpose and a goal.  Nothing makes up for lost time, but the future can still hold many rewards. “First,” he thought, “I must find somewhere to court her, a place to entertain! And not just for me, but for all of my fellow frogs (who perhaps find themselves in similar predicaments).”  And The FrogHead Grill, for all its appeal, seemed a bit inept for such an arduous task.

“A new place! That’s it! Something founded on FrogHead, but just a bit more refined and a touch more stylish. How about something a bit more IRISH?” He fondly remembered the pubs of Ireland, where he had many a celebration and drowned many a sorrow; the food was always tasty, the spirits flowed freely, the camaraderie superb, and everything was always GREEN! (Not mention Fred’s circumstances could use a touch of Irish luck).  Thus, our new adventure begins, and the saga continues with THE IRISH FROG.  Feel free to stop by and sit for a spell, for our doors are always open for any who answer “Yes!” when asked:

“Feeling Froggy?”
(And perhaps just a little bit Irish!)

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